This content is for people wishing to install Biocode-FIMS on their own server.


Biocode-FIMS consists of a core set of Java classes and REST services. Developers have a choice of interacting with the REST services running on the BiSciCol FIMS instance, which has built in EZID minting capabilities, or running their own instance of biocode-fims-commons and installing their own EZID instance requiring a purchase of an EZID account.

To run an instance of FIMS you will need the following components:

  • A unix-based server * A java servlet container e.g. Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty * Connection to a BCID service

Installation and Build

  • Source code is available on this site via Subversion
  • Building is done via an Ant build file (provided as part of the distribution)
  • a properties file needs to be configured by copying biocode-fims.template to biocode-fims.props (in the root directory of the distribution)

Optional Component

Additional Installation Instructions

  • The source contains a sample property file called biocode-fims.template which should be copied to biocode-fims.props – you will need to adjust references in this document.
    • Note that references to URLs should begin with “www” as in instead of since some browsers (e.g. Firefox) automatically add the “www” and this changes the session designation and creates problems during logging in.


  • It is recommended ALL service calls in the properties file begin with a “www” in the hostname.