This content is for people wishing to install GEOME on their own server.


GEOME consists of a core set of Java classes and REST services. Developers have a choice of interacting with the REST services running _BCID, which has built in EZID minting capabilities, or running their own instance of _BCID and installing their own EZID instance requiring a purchase of an EZID account.

To run an instance of FIMS you will need the following components:

  • A unix-based server * A java servlet container e.g. Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty * Connection to a BCID service

Installation and Build – Migrating an existing installation

  • Source code is available on this site via github
  • Building is done via an Gradle build file (provided as part of the distribution)
  • a properties file needs to be configured by copying biocode-fims.template to biocode-fims.props (in the root directory of the distribution)
Install the following software
  • postgres
  • jetty9
  • java8
  • bcid and geome-db repositories (from github)
Properties file
  • update properties files in src/main/environment/production

gradle war deploy build/libs/geome-db.war (do the above for both bcid and geome-db)

generate openapi document using gradle resolve